Thursday, March 6, 2008

Second Public Sale will take place on 11 March

The eight permitted authority is going to meet again on 11 March to choose their players. It is the second public sale for selecting the players to the inaugural IPL. IPL selected 8 authorities to become the team owners. In the first public sale some of it selected its teas members.

Moreover IPL has collected the players from different cricket paying country except England. But after visiting and an informal meeting, IPL commissioner Latit Modi became success to collect some English players. IPL had to face a contradiction because of time schedule. The month April is the season of English country Cricket. So, English players do not feel interest to join IPL.

The auction is within the scope of the IPL's rules, which specify that "if more than one franchise is interested in a particular player, the DLF IPL may hold a further auction to determine which franchise will sign that player."

However, the kind of money to be put up this time is unlikely to be anywhere near the first auction, on February 20, which raked in US$42 million. Lalit Modi, the IPL commissioner, confirmed to Cricinfo that franchises will have to follow the original purchase cap of US$5 million.

The public sell will be followed some rules on 11 march. You can see more rules by visiting the links.

Inaugural IPL will be held without English?

IPL and England country cricket is going to hold in the same time. For this reason no English players will join in IPL inaugural ceremony. So IPL is thinking to make a mutual contact abut ECB. IPL commissioner Lalit Modi met with ECB and discuss about the problem. May from the next time this kind of problem will not come again.

Cricinfo reported

"I know a lot of our owners are in touch with the English players," he told the Daily Telegraph. "I know that the players' agents have been in touch with me, and I've been telling them we cannot do anything for the moment. After this season, it will be more difficult to do that."

Modi had earlier suggested that the dates for future IPL events could be altered to ensure that it doesn't overlap with the English county season to allow England players to be accommodated.

England Country Cricket is a tradition of English. So it is clear that the inaugural ILP will be held without English. Now, it is a question how IPL authority will make up their players?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A dozen of highest payer in IPL

I have collected a list of the highest 12 payer in IPL. BCCI organized IPL will be taken place from April 2008. On aim is to start the tournament just time IPL chairman Lalit Modi is touring England now. What is the main problem that IPL is on pressure to collect their players for the inaugural tournament. Do you think that all players do not satisfy on IPL’s payment system?

  • 1. Bangalore

a. Rahul Dravid, India, £530,000;

b. Jacques Kallis, S Africa, £460,000;

  • 2. Kolkata

a. Sourav Ganguly, India, £560,000;

b. Ishant Sharma, India, £490,000;

  • 3. Chennai

a. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India, £770,000;

  • 4. Hyderabad

a. Andrew Symonds, Australia, £695,000;

b. RP Singh, India, £450,000;

  • 5. Mohali

a. Yuvraj Singh, India, £547,000;

b. Irfan Pathan, India, £476,000;

c. Brett Lee, Australia, £460,000;

  • 6. Mumbai

a. Sachin Tendulkar, India, £575,000;

b. Sanath Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka, £500,000;

1. You can see the 6 team among the eight. Now, it is a question where is tow teams. Yes, they have but they are paying so low that I cannot list them on the top twelve. In Delhi and Jaipur team there no player who will be paid over £450,000. Important thing is that still now this two team’s owner did not collect all their players, so it could be change.