Sunday, July 26, 2009

CSK, Cricket Academy: Hayden - Dravid - Fleming

Former Australian Crickets, Matthew Hayden, played on the side of Chennai Super Kings in Indian premier League has signed an agreement with the Franchise of CSK to setup a Cricket Academy in India. He came here in the gap to the Ashes Test Series. Former New Zealand skipper Stephen Fleming and Indian captain Rahul Dravid will be along the most powerful test opening batsmen too. The CSK Franchise has been agreed with and looking lands for the Cricket Academy.

TOI reported:

"For the next step, we are waiting for our Marketing Chief Rakesh Singh to arrive to firm up the other arrangements. The academy will be functional before end of the year and all other aspects of the academy have to be structured and we are now to decide on them. We have already started work on the project"

It is sure that IPL has bought some mix sensation among the cricket fans over the world especially in Indian. The idea is going to apply in different cricket playing counties of the world too. It is a billion dollar games and people getting benefits are a silent way.