Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rajasthan Royals Playing in IPL Season 4?

Rajasthan Royals is fortunate to get a nod for IPL 4.In an private arbitration proceeding Rajasthan Royals got this favor. In an interim judgment retired justice BN Srikrishna stayed the termination of the Rajasthan Royals from the fourth session of Indian Premier League. He stayed the termination for six week.

BCCI expelled Rajasthan Royals and Kings Xi Panjab from IPL Rajasthan Royals went to Bomby High Court. Later both party agreed to solve the problem in a private arbitration. On receiving the order of justice Sri Krishna Rajasthan Royals started preparation for the forth coming tournament. Rajasthan Royals management, after the stay order, sees no more restriction in participating the fourth session of IPL.

But BCCI moved to Bomby High Court against the stay order. The court will make hearing on Friday.