Monday, April 13, 2009

Willow TV will show IPL T20 matches live

Willow TV will broadcast the high voltage cricket actions, where 8 Indian domestic clubs will take parts in 59 matches. Among them 56 matches will be played like English premiere league home and away match and rest three will be semi-final and final. These all matches will be broadcast in Willow TV live during the match time which is going to hold in South Africa from 18 April 2009.


Citibank NRI Services has sponsored all the matches. If you like to watch all the matches you have to register first and have to spend money. Even you can watch the highlight of the pervious matches too.


The internet based TV channel will be the big hands for the NRI’s who loves cricket most. Willow TV is bringing to enjoy the IPL T20 matches. 59 matches of high voltage action, 8 teams and all the top International players Broadcast sponsored by Citibank NRI Services

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